About CentraVent

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to bring innovative new products to the world!

We at CentraVent are all about common sense technology. We have been professionals in the HVAC business for over 30 years and have listened to our customers issues. Our products are based on this research and our technology covers these issues. We are committed to the advancement in our field of products that use less energy and make sense.

We have invented several patented products and software with a mobile App that will integrate the HVAC system to our whole house fan technology. We can determine whether it’s cooler outside than inside, and with our state of the art software we can control the HVAC system and flush your home with cool, filtered fresh air. Our technology has the ability to read air quality in the plenum and alert customers if it is unsafe. We take it to a completely new level with our grid management capabilities that will help customers lower the strain on the grid, which in turn will lower their electric bill.

This makes the CentraVent products a clean an extremely efficient way to cool your home responsibly.