Introducing the CentraVent Green Cooling System!

The most
Advanced Whole House Fan Ventilation System
on the market!

Engineered with GCS eco-technology

Inventing Revolutionary Products that make sense.

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CVT Green Cooling System Upgrades

CVT green cooling system upgrades

The CVT Green Cooling System has taken the ordinary whole house fan and projected it into the future. This Green Cooling System is a combination of a whole house fan, filtered fresh air system, carbon monoxide and refrigerant sensors all controlled by our Wi-Fi App. This amazing smart system is designed to allow the whole house fan to run without having to open windows or doors and protect the HVAC system by making sure the two systems do not run at the same time. Keeping the home safe and secure. It also increases the size of the HVAC return, making the HVAC system even more energy efficient.

The CVT GCS is the only product on the market designed to filter the fresh air coming into the home, cooling down both the home and the attic. It does not create negative pressure.

This smart IOT Green Cooling System allows parameters to be set so that the CVT GCS will read both the indoor and outdoor temperature and determine if it is cooler outside than it is inside and then turn off the HVAC sytem, allow for a protection time delay, then turn On the CVT GCS.

With its powerful low wattage ECM fan it will save both energy and money! The CVT App can also set schedules to automatically run. It can be turned on or off from anywhere, even the other side of the world!

The CVT GCS has the option to upgrade and read both Carbon Monoxide and Refrigerant sensors. That means if the system senses higher than normal levels of these gases, then the system immediately sends an alert to the User with a phone number for the installing technician, then shuts Off the HVAC system, turns On the CVT GCS which turns both the CVT GCF and the CVT FFC systems On and flushes the home with Filtered Fresh Air. The HVAC will not turn back on until the system is reset by an HVAC technician. Making sure the HVAC equipment is safe to run.

Thats Not All!

The CVT FFC comes with four ceiling vents. Each one has an easy to access washable filter. For a Luxurious look, the vents can be upgraded to our energy efficient LED Dimmable Lighted Vents.


CentraVent App

Our highly engineered App is equipped with Smart Logic that can read what the HVAC unit is doing. Along with our sensors, the App can determine what mode is most efficient for your home. The CVT App can also inform you if the CVT system has sensed a high level of Carbon Monoxide levels, indicating a leak. The CVT App will shut the HVAC unit down, eliminating the threat while flushing the home with filtered fresh air before going into a lockout. The App will prompt you with your favorite Contractors information for help. Our technology is designed to help keep families safe and secure. Click on the Product Sheet below to read more about all the exceptional features available.

CVT Filtered Kitchen Makeup Air Unit

CVT FMAU automatically brings in passive Fresh filtered air when the Kitchen Exhaust Fan is running.
Makeup air complies with ICC: M1503.4

Introducing the First and Only Whole House Fan with its own Filtered Fresh Air System

The CentraVent system is not just about ventilation – it also comes with a range of additional features that make it superior to anything out there. Enjoy the convenience of our eco-technology, temperature sensors, easy access ceiling filtered grills, and even lighted options.

Take Control from Anywhere with Our Convenient App

No need to be home to open doors or windows – our app allows you to control your ventilation system from anywhere. With just a few taps, you can easily adjust the fan speed, turn on the filtered fresh air system, and more.

Save Money and Energy with Our Unique CVT System

Running your HVAC and ventilation system simultaneously can lead to sky-high electric bills. But with our CVT system, you can rest easy knowing you’re saving money and energy. Our system is the only one on the market that is coupled to the HVAC and allows you to shut it off at your command using our app and software.

Easy Installation

Not keen on cutting a hole in your ceiling?

No problem. Our CentraVent system is designed to fit into most return air plenums, making installation a breeze.

It can also be installed in the ceiling as a stand alone CVT whole house fan.

Upgrade to Our CentraVent System and Transform Your Home’s Comfort Today.


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    CVT CF
  • Typical Whole House Fans
Features CVT GCF
Coming Soon

Typical Whole House Fans
Brings in outside airMust be home to open windows
Brings in Filtered outside Air
Have to be home to
open doors or windows
Keeps security system on
while system runs
Can use App to
turn on from anywhere
Must be home to open windows
Integrates with HVAC
Fits into HVAC return plenum
Fits into HVAC supply plenum
Seals attic off from interior of home
Can run on a small generatorSome
Can change filter at ceiling grillFilter located in the atticNo Filter
App reads both indoor
& outdoor temperature
App sets run time schedules
Eco-mode (if temp is cooler
outside than inside turns Off
HVAC and turns On CVT)
Carbon Monoxide SensorSold SeparatelySold Separately
Refrigerant SensorSold SeparatelySold SeparatelySold SeparatelySold Separately
Multi speed ECM low wattage fanN/AN/ASome, not many
Eco-mode allows
system to run on its own

CentraVent Technology

Introducing the CentraVent Green Cooling System (CVT GCS)

The ONLY plenum resident alternative cooling system in the world.

We recommend products be installed by a licensed contractor.
Follow all Federal and Local building codes.

We at CentraVent are all about common sense technology. With over 30 years experience in the HVAC industry, we listened to our customers and what they thought was needed with the typical whole house fan. We are committed to advancing our field by using Green technology and providing sustainable products that use less energy to help reduce today’s rising utility costs.