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CentraVent Green Cooling Whole House Fan 5200 (CVT GCF5200)

For the larger homes, CentraVent offers it’s largest duct mounted ECM fan system (GCF5200). The GCF5200 moves a very quiet 5200 cfm’s efficiently through your home making it one of the highest true cfm whole house fan systems on the market. The GCF5200

CE, RoHS, UL compliant


California Title 20 and 24 tested and approved (HVI-916)

Two Sizes to conveniently fit in the existing HVAC return.

20″x30″ Or 20″x36″

Paired with the CVT Filtered Free Cooling and or CVT CentraFlow – Filtered Fresh Air Systems (No need to open doors or windows, keeping your home secure).
(This system can also be installed as a stand alone whole house fan, by finding a convenient spot in the ceiling, and not attaching to the HVAC system)

24″ ecm 5200 cfm fan motor duct mount

Easy install duct plate compatible with 14”, 16”, 18” & 20” collars

2 – Stability brackets

Spring return actuated damper –

When CVT GCF is On, the damper closes off the HVAC return duct, while keeping the Fan to the attic open.
(This keeps attic air and debris from entering the home unlike most whole house fans.)

When CVT GCF is Off, the damper closes and seals off the Fan to the attic, while keeping the HVAC return duct open.

CVT Control Board

CVT Wi-Fi App (turns on from anywhere)

Egg Crate Return Air Grill

R8 Insulated

Due to its low wattage use, it can run on a small generator

Extremely Efficient

Energy Management

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Easy Installation

Speed control wall switch

Indoor temperature sensor

7ft flex ducting with strapping

5 Year Limited Warranty

We recommend products be installed by a licensed contractor.
Follow all Federal and Local building codes.